Spring is here, schools are finally slowly opening, and we are getting back to some normality.

During the last lockdown, which lasted two months, almost all businesses have been closed, and now some can reopen: that’s including after-school activities and kids services up to 10-year-old.

Music Room is reopening its door this week, and they have great programs available. 

MR is managed by Karin and Vanesa, two dedicated moms with kids ranging from 2 to 8 years old: they hold knowledge and experience in music and in creating classes interesting for kids while helping parents sort out their kids’ extra activities.

A team of international professionals in different music and art sectors teach all the classes: they can offer a wide range of activities in approximately 5 to 6 languages (Portuguese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and even Italian if needed).

They also run instrument or singing classes for adults: if you check this link, you can see my previous post about the school and some of the activities I participated in together with my son.

But now, let’s talk about all the incredible workshops and classes that they are planning for the coming weeks: the spring break is approaching, and they will have some Special Fun Instrument Days right after Easter.

Fun Instrument Days

5-9 April 9.30-12
Age 5-7 years

Given in English and Portuguese

Would you like your child to learn about the music world and maybe even start to play an instrument? These Fun Days are all about awakening and nurturing the desire and curiosity to enter the music world. Over five days, kids will discover a new instrument each day in combination with fun music games and handicraft activities!

MR’s innovative music teachers will guide your children through these activities with a sense of fun, as they navigate the wonderful jungle of music and instruments! 

Baby Classes – My little one & Me

Thursday mornings in the Jardim da Estrela
Age 8-24 months 

Given in English and Portuguese 

At MR rhythmic music class for parents and babies, you will sing, dance, play, and have a highly stimulating experience with your child. Together with the teacher, you create musical joy for body and soul in a playful and permissive environment. With instruments, songs, visual materials, and a music teacher, you will create a musical flow throughout the lesson, which is about 30 minutes long. 

Caregivers can also participate with the babies they take care of.

Introduction to Music

Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays
Age 3-5 years

Given in English and Portuguese 

In this musical exploration class, kids use singing, moving, listening, painting, crafting, playing, and trying different instruments to traverse the world of music. The children will learn basic musical concepts and the foundation to eventually start playing an instrument if they so desire. The idea behind this class is to introduce the young participants to the world of music: the teacher will trigger their imagination and help them open their ears to familiar and unfamiliar sounds around them. Together the class participants will become musicians and creative souls, and they will have fun composing and letting their curiosity and imagination immerse themself in the amazing world of music.

Music Club

Age 6-9 years 

Given in English and Portuguese

In Music Club, your kids will dive deeper into the world of music in a fun and interactive way. The class consists of a mix of games and music-related subjects such as notation, rhythm, composition, and different instruments. With the help of visual and audio tools, they will broaden their knowledge of a variety of musical styles and genres, while learning about the evolution of music through the world’s history and different cultures. The participants come together and combine their personalities, experiences, curiosity, and interests to build their own Music Club.

And there will be more…

If you want to hear more about Music Room you can contact directly Vanesa and Karin: they will be more than happy to help you choose what’s best for your child’s music education (or for yourself). Their email is hello@musicroomlisboa.com and here is their website.

I also recommend you to follow them on IG, where they usually update the followers about new workshops and classes: check their page @music_room_lisboa