The school year has officially started, so now it’s time to think about what activities our kids can do to enrich themself and to have fun after school.

Music Room was opened by Vanesa and Karin exactly two years ago, and since then, their mission has been to transmit the passion for music to many kids and their families.

Despite the Corona hardship, Music Room has managed to keep up with great quality teaching adapting their in presence classes into virtual and at Home mode, but they are now back working in their spaces in Rua da Arrabida, centrally located between Rato, Amoreiras, and Campo de Ourique. 

Their classes really welcome all ages and kids’ interests, they are usually taught in at least two simultaneous languages and can happen inside Music Room, in parks, and for some courses even in the comfort of your home. Music Room guides its students in the world of music and learning through skilled teachers, creation, and play.

Music Room also has a program called Fun Days which usually happens during school breaks or long bank holidays: this month Halloween is coming up, so MR will be hosting Halloween themed camp. 

But let’s now go into the details of each class.

Instrument and singing classes

Music Room offers a wide range of lessons, from the more common Piano and Guitar to  Ukulele, Drums, Violin, Flute, or singing classes. All the classes can be taught both at Music Room or at the students’ homes. The classes can be taught in different languages, namely Portuguese, French, or English.

Age: All ages and levels
Language The classes can be held in different languages, such as Portuguese, French or English.
Where At Music Room or at HOME

My Little one & Me

Baby rhythmic classes are a way to give children access to the language of music and to experience themselves and the world in new ways. Singing and music at an early age are good for both the little ones and their parents as it strengthens their bond between each other. In your safe arms, your child’s language ability and motor skills are trained and developed through music, games, and movements. The children live the music with the body and all the senses. For your child, these might be the first moments of socialization and expression through art. Additionally to Jardim da Estrela, Music Room will now offer Baby classes also in Belem and Cascais.  

Age 7-26 months
Language The class are held in English 
When & Where
•Monday mornings in Cascais, Parque Marechal Carmona more info at this link
•Tuesday mornings in Belem, Parque dos Moinhos de Santana more info at this link
•Thursday mornings in Estrela, Jardim da Estrela (or at Music Room if its rains) more info at this link

Introduction to Music​

This is a musical exploration class. the young participants explore through singing, moving, listening, painting, crafting, and trying different instruments. The kids will learn basic musical concepts and learn the foundations to later start playing an instrument if they so desire. The music teaching methods used will be a combination of Gordon and Orff and other less conventional methods will come into play as well, in order to cover every kid’s learning speed and personal interests. The goals of this class are to trigger their imagination through music, “open” their ears to familiar and unfamiliar sounds around them, learn about different music settings, music history, and music-related subjects such as notation, rhythm, instrument families, and music genres. Together they will become musicians and creative souls, they will compose and let their curiosity dive deep into the wonderful world of music.

Age: 3-5 years old
Language: The class is given in English and Portuguese
• Mondays 16.30 pm SPECIAL 2 -3 years (accompanied by an adult)
•Tuesdays 16.15 pm
•Thursdays 16.15 pm

Singing group

Join Music Room to sing along with your friends! In this class the participants will have fun choosing the repertoire that they like the most; they will learn how to sing different voices together, singing techniques, and they will discover how to compose a song, and how to bring it to life!

Age 7-10 years old​
Language The class is held  in English and Portuguese
When Mondays 17.15 pm

Digital Music Making

For 6 weeks Music Room will introduce the students to the digital world of music.

The aim is to let the children explore the electronic world, learning how to use the software Garage band and grasping the concepts required to make their own music. Participants will make noise, discover new sounds, combine different elements, and the kids will be coming up with their own production.

Classes will include a focus on creating through understanding: participants will use examples to show how broad digital music is and what is different and the same from a more traditional approach. Participants will learn the core concepts that underpin the software used to create music on computers. This will include basic functionality and also how to use samples, create drum beats, and the basics of recording in using Midi and with microphones. 

Each class the teacher set a project that outlines the objectives of that class and by the end, the participants will be able to see how we go from sounds and programming in settings to different types of digital music.

Age 8-11 years old
Language The class is held in English.
When: Thursdays 17.15
Upcoming 6 weeks course
• October 14-21
• November 4-11-18-28

Birthdays at Music Room

Looking for an alternative Birthday Party option? Music Room got your back and is now booking its space together with offering Music activities and kids’ animation for an unforgettable Birthday Party.

MR teachers can offer different activities such as;

  • Disco
  • Percussion class
  • Introduction to Music class
  • Bandmakers -Create a band
  • Musical games

Together with Vanessa and Karin, you can design and customize the most fun party for your children: all MR activities are held by our music teachers in a playful and creative way and can be given in various languages depending on party guests’ needs.

For Info Contact Music Room
Tel: +351 914 081 760


During holidays Music Room is hosting musical activities which they call Fun Days. These days are all about music, creativity, and having fun. Together the young participants enter the wonderful world of music and discover music from different times, angles and perspectives. For each holiday MR creates a new theme and activities for the Fun days.

Go explore, learn and have fun with us!

Age 5-9 years old
Upcoming FUN DAYS
Halloween October 25- 29 November 1-2 : you can find more info at this link