Lisbon for Parents is the most active community of international and local parents in Lisbon: it consists of more than 2300 members, and the community is growing constantly.

Established in 2017 on Meetup Platform, the community has soon become a place for connections, tips, idea exchange, and friendship: many families have participated in our in presence weekly playgroups and activities, but most of the members are actively helping online.

The community is very active and close-knitted, it’s inclusive and welcomes all families both international and local: there are some connected thematic groups for secondhand sale and one dedicated to professionals and businesses that work with families.

The newest addition is Moms for Moms Lisbon, a community dedicated to mothers, moderate with the help of some professionals in Mothercare.

In the past 4 years, we have organized more than 200 hundreds playgroups, home concerts, special holidays activities, picnics, Mother’s groups, and even online cooking classes: we have collaborated with many local businesses offering discounts and deals to the community.

We went to the Coletivo Lagoa magical performances at Inatel, we had great breakfast at the Esplanada in Principe Real on rainy days, we threw great picnics at Jardim da Estrela, had brunch at APF.

We visit Quinta Pedagogica de Olivais, attended Somersby Jazz Festival, visit the beach in Carcavelos: we organized Moms’ nights out and Christmas parties, and all of that while making good and long-lasting friendships on the way.

We made people happier and family expat life less lonely: some families have since then left the country for good but some have returned and they were happy to find a community waiting for them.

Due to Covid restrictions, and to avoid a worsening of the situation, most of our activities have been on hold for most of 2020 and still are because of the current lockdown: at the moment, we are running a weekly Mother Group on our connected Moms for Moms Lisbon.

Are you looking for your tribe and you haven’t found it yet? Join Lisbon for Parents on Facebook .

Do you wanna get involved with your local community and have the opportunity to find friends and baby friends while having fun and become an active host?

We are opening our local ambassador program, to extend our playgroup and activities to different neighborhoods once the restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to gather again. If you want to know more fill this form to join our group of hosts.

In the next weeks, I will post some pieces I wrote about the story of the group: the people I met, the fun activity we organized, which even included planting a tree, and the party we had fun at!


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