Lisbon as a new restaurant and yet you will be so happy to hear about it: A Partilhar com a Família is a new family restaurant that is hiding in the narrow streets of Lapa.

It opened on March 9th and this weekend we went to try it out: we were welcomed by the owners, Christelle and Gregory, a French couple that moved to Lisbon to live a happier and more relaxed life and decided to open a place where other families can do the same while going out altogether on weekends or weekdays.

Christelle explaining the Menu

The space is very big, it develop on three levels, two of which under the ground and it’s both modern and cozy at the same time: on the ground floor they have a nice terrace with the most amazing elephant illustration. They have table inside both for small families or big groups and space to live the stroller at the entrance (thanks god!).

On Sunday they have a brunch for 15€ with different internationals and French options, but you can still order A la Carte if you don’t feel like brunching: they have the kids menu too and Christelle told us they will keep changing the menu every one or two weeks to offer different options for recurring guests.

This is what two brunch with different options looks like

We got two brunches and a Mac ‘n’ Cheese for Elio, but he was too excited to go play downstairs and didn’t touch much, except for our croissants and fresh fruit.

Lounge Area and foosball table

Downstairs they have a lounge area, with a foosball table and some comfortable chairs, perfect to do some concentrated work, especially during the weekdays.

The kids paradise (the light is artificial but looks like natural on cloudy days)

But the big surprise awaits on the last floor: a big playroom with all kinds of toys, doll strollers, music instruments, a wooden house, and a trampoline, where kids from 0 to 10 YO can play under the supervision of two nice babysitters at the cost of 5€ per hour. Elio was a little bit shy at first but then agreed to stay and he had a good time: we also had a good time, having time to chat and relax on the outdoor terrace and then playing foosball downstair before picking up Elio (of course, I won).

So for us is Yes especially for rainy days, solo parenting weekend or the upcoming Easter holidays: and it’s also next door from our apartment, in Rua das Trinas 67.

Giacomo pretending he didn’t loose