When I met Vanesa and Karin the first time, they had just opened the Music Room and they were so excited about starting their music project. Imagine one Argentinian and one Swedish mom, passionate about music and about kids and adults learning great music skills in a playful, fun way (each of them as two kids, so they are pretty experienced in the matter) and
an Italian mom (me) running the most active community for families in Lisbon, eager to know more about their offer and activities.

Here we are, almost a year later, in the middle of our first worldwide pandemic, Music Room has opened its door for their fall (and full) season, and its offer is as various and safe as it can possibly be; and here I am, happy to share what Music Room offer to the families in Lisbon.

Elio working during one of Music Room Craft Weekends with Gemma

About Music Room

Music Room is a lovely, playful space where people of all ages, backgrounds, and skills can enjoy, experiment, and connect with music Music, located between Campo de Ourique, Rato, and Amoreiras. They offer a wide range of classes for all expertise and ages; from My little one and me classes for babies to Introduction to music to the youngest to Instruments classes such as piano, guitar, drums, flute, and much more.

The Piano Room

The classes can take place at their facility in Campo de Ourique, at the park during warm seasons, and even at home if you feel like that’s what works for you and your family.

Here’s a list of some fun activities Music Room is offering right now and following more details about some of them:

  • Craft Kids – weekends with Gemma
  • My little one and Me
  • Introduction to Music for toddler and small kids
  • Music Room at Home
  • Halloween Fun Days

And what about the teachers?

They are all very experienced, some of them are mothers of their own, and they teach in many different languages, English, Portuguese, Italian, French German, and some even Spanish so you can choose which language you want your kid to be taught, depending on the instrument and the teacher!

I personally know many of them, since I have previously hosted some Sofa Concerts for Families with Faya trio at our place (Pre COVID) and all three members of the Trio are also teachers at Music Room.

Craft weekends with Gemma

Last weekend I brought Elio to Music Room to try Gemma’s activity: I have heard of Gemma a lot lately, it seems she is the educator of the hour and all kids are crazy about her activities.

Here’s Gemma, doing her magic

And I must admit she kept up to the expectations: Gemma speaks English French and Portuguese if needed, and the class is mainly held in English. Since Elio was the smallest and probably the only one among the participants that did not come from an international school, the language barrier was my main concern.

Gemma was able to involve all kids, regardless of their languages in manual and highly engaging activities such as painting a vase with a “magic textured paint” and reproduce a cute Picasso-style drawing that she had previously painted few similar copies that were hanging on the wall.

The vases painted with a “magic” paint

The vase activity was very relaxed and fun, without any stress and highly satisfying for the kids: she has referred to me of her Montessori approach. Gemma is a very experienced art educator for kids with almost 10 years of working in the field, and she is calm, instructive and patients.

The second activity was more structured: Gemma was directing the kids in copying her drawing, using simple forms such as shapes, color, and lines by physically reproducing the drawing. By looking at the drawing, the kids could take inspirations and this made it easier for all of them, despite being of different ages, to follow the instructions that, being both verbal and practical, were understood by the little artists regardless of their English level.

Gemma also values every single kid and their imaginations, praising their work and their skills by letting them express their artistic side without pushing to follow the instructions at all: the result was amazing and you could see how relaxed and free of judgment the kids felt, experimenting with colors and shapes.

If all this sounds perfect for your kids, think about enrolling them for the next classes: the enrolment is as drop-in classes so you can have your kid try it out. Check their website for info and for subscribing at this link

Halloween Fun days

Halloween school break is approaching, and Music Room has got you covered: between 26th and 30th of October, MR will be bustling with Halloween music from all around the world and themed activities for all ages.

Elio highly concentrated

The kids will be experimenting with playing instruments, building one, singing, doing art projects, and other activities that will fuel their creativity: the activities will be held in different languages.

If you want to have an idea of what activities were offered in the previous Fun days, you can check this link to Music Room Instagram highlights.

Check with your school if and when they break will be and enroll you, kids, here: if your school is open this time, you can always subscribe to the Music Room newsletter, to be updated about the next school break activity in December

My little one and me

Did you know that exposing newborns to listen and experience music can be beneficial for their brain development, literacy, mood regulation amongst many other things?

My little one and Me at Jardim da Estrela

While you can check all the benefits at this link you can think about taking part in My little one & me classes run by singer, music sociologist, and the flutist Elena La Conte at Music Room.

Moms, dads, or caretakers are welcome to bring their little ones to experience different instruments and sound and help them explore the music world for the first time. The class is held at Music Room or Jardim da Estrela when the season allows it.

Elsa was only 5 months when we got to participate back in July, but she was amazed by all the different sounds, she was happy to see other babies similar to her, and when Elena took out the rainbow circle, well she was just a very happy baby.

Check the Music Room website for info about available classes at this link: for the moment My little one & Me runs on Thursday morning at Jardim da Estrela (except if cloudy or rainy) now there are two different times available

Introduction to Music: our latest trial class

We went to try Introduction to Music (3-5 YO) with Elio, and He Loved it! 

Rita is well prepared, and she is very good at incorporating the use of sounds and movement in her class. The kids got to experience different instruments: they were singing and learning notes by using rhymes and multiple techniques. Such a fun class.

Playing music it’s fun!

Rita plays different kinds of music to the kids and during this class she played classical music and the kids were dancing, playing instruments on it, or just enjoying listening.

She can speak both English and Portuguese, and the Music Roomhas different classes on different days and times (which are mostly full), but more classes will be open soon..t. 

The class is very safe, a maximum of 4 kids plus the teacher (I stayed in the room next to them, to catch some moments with my camera): kids are barefoot and have to wash their hands upon entrance.

Elio kept singing notes while going back home and even forgot to pee since he was so happy from the class (hence we had a little accident on the way home)! Here the link for more info.

If you want to hear more about Music Room you can contact directly Vanesa and Karin: they will be more than happy to help you choose what’s best for your child (or for you) music education. Their email is hello@musicroomlisboa.com

This review will become a monthly appointment from now on: if you enjoyed reading it (or not), let me know in the comments here, or write me an email at my email meyouandeverywherewego@gmail.com.