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Workshop: 1st Circle of Care and Reconnect with nature

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 @ 10:00 - 17:00


Workshop | Sun. 3 February | Serra da Arrábida | Biovilla


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TUNING WITH the cycles of nature …

Although we are at the peak of winter, the earth begins to give the first signs that seeds have germinated, the sap will begin to rise from the roots to the stem again, sheep are about to give birth to their lambs in these still long and cold nights, and we humans are part of this current of global growth and regeneration.

It is time for the Crescent Moon and for the forces of the Northeast. It is time to heal the debilitating effects of winter, to listen to the voice of vulnerability as one who listens to a child or an aching mother from a time-consuming birth. It is the voice of hope, the language of love made mother’s milk, it is the protective care made warm and secure, it is the encounter with the rhythms of the Earth that reconnects us with a feeling of belonging to the web of Life, inside and outside us .

Imbolc corresponds to one of the 8 celebrations of the calendar of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. At this time we celebrate from our ancestry, the purity of the new beginnings of life on Earth, which has been dormant in the winter. It corresponds to the moment before dawn (before spring), and is therefore the height of the year where the intuitive and receptive forces are at their maximum potential.

It is the right psychological (Eco) moment to bring out what was assimilated and understood at the inner level during the winter. It is a new opportunity in the cycle of our lives to start new beginnings, to let out the germinated seeds and the fresh ideas that were incubated in the period of interiority.

Let us seek to align ourselves with these Earth forces and their potentials, in a conscious and carefully oriented work for a safe (Psycho) therapeutic experience, it will be in this 1st CIRCLE a new opportunity to perceive and initiate the transformation of patterns harmful to our mental relational health , bodily, and spiritual. In the same way, it will be a way of meeting with our Inner and Ancestral Wisdom, which awaits the birth of new dreams, new projects, new ideas, new resolutions, and new directions.

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METHODS we will use:

This will be an experiential workshop, guided by methodologies of ecotherapy / psychotherapy in nature, Focusing, Art-expression, and Movement-expression, in communication with practices and knowledge inspired by Celtic and Druidic Ancestral Wisdom.

It will take place around the implicit and explicit experience of the theme INTERDEPENDÊNCIAS, in the three forms:
– Belonging to a Family (web of life, tribe, community)

– Take care of yourself, the Other (s), and Nature in a circular and spiral movement

– Be Care for others and the Earth-Sky-Sea triad

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10h00 Find a Tribe
Group meeting, Reception and Guidance for the
entrance to the Sacred Grove (Indoor)

11h00 Enter the Sacred Grove and its Glades
Guided Meditation, and Guided Silent Walk to
authentic listening (inside and outside) and state of presence
integral (Outdoor)

11h45 / 12h Return Home
Welcoming the Place and Guided Circle for Integration of
Experiences. (Outdoor or Indoor – depending on the weather)

1:00 a.m. Lunch break
Meal free or by reservation. Includes drink tasting
hot “magic potion” or Tisane. (Indoor or Outdoor –
Depending on the outside temperature, with possibility of
fire pit.

Care and Reconnect Circle 14h30-16h30
Gently Open, Lighten, Clean, Regenerate, and Realize
new beginnings. (Indoor)

16h30-17h Close the Circle
Accommodate the flame and the sweet silence of the experience (Indoor
or Outdoor, depending on the type of development of the
group process)

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Cláudia D. Rodrigues
Existential Psychotherapist Specialist | Psychologist Clinical Specialist | Focusing Trainer | Master in Relation of Phenomenological-Existential Help | Founder ALMA GAIA

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Subscriptions: info.claudiadrgues@gmail.com |
Tel: 933614903 (Leave sms pff)
(Cláudia D. Rodrigues)

Contribution: 35eur

Participants: 12 px (Max) to 6 px (Min)

Lunch: Free, ie the responsibility of the participant (with recommendations for Vegetarian with soup or winter vegetables, bread, and nuts or butter bio or fruit, without alcohol or caffeine / extra value / with advance reservation).

Materials: Bring comfortable clothings


Sunday, February 3rd, 2019
10:00 - 17:00
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