It has been a long time since I posted on my blog: I will take the chance to start again now that  Mother’s Day is approaching in Portugal.

On Sunday Portugal and some other countries around the world (40 to be correct) will be celebrating Mother’s Day: the day it’s not fixed every year as it is always the first Sunday of May. 

I saw a Reel on Instagram on what not to get to a Mom which I loved (but I can’t find the link anymore, unfortunately. Does this happen to you too? You saw something, but you didn’t save it, so now it’s gone. )

Anyway, I believe the suggestions were: NO clothes, NO appliances, NO random gifts. 

I think that if the partners knows what the mom likes or knows that she needs something in these categories, they should totally gift it. 

My two cents on the TOPIC

PARTNERS: if you have no clue what to gift to your partner, but want to make a gift, please ask her what she would like. 

MOMS: You really want to receive a specific gift? Either tell your partner or buy it yourself: self-care is also valid and important.

PARTNERS and MOMS: You don’t feel like gifting yet another object? You don’t have to, off course. Do you feel like doing/receiving a gift but not sure what? 

To give you all a bit of inspiration, I made this list of suggestions for presents and activities to gift to your other half, which I believe are nice! 

Saudade Flores – the one and only flower delivery service by bike in Lisbon


This amazing flower shop owned by a strong mama named Ana is fully dedicated to Mother’s Day (or M day as they call it): on their website, you find plenty of Flower Arrangements options (including cool delivery by bike) and Flower Masterclasses. 

Family Brunch and Sheratoon by Playbus


Special Mother’s Day Family Brunch (Sunday) and SPA Day for Mothers (available for the whole month of May). The brunch food is great and kids can have fun in the bouncy castle room with monitors overlooking them. 

A selection of presents by Time Out Magazine


Timeout has created a list of Presents Suggestions for mothers, that include bikes, Portuguese brands, makeup & Perfumes, and lots of experiences including theater, Brunches and more. 

A Vida Portuguesa Gift Selection


As it is Tradition, the Concept Store that’s all about Portuguese products has put together a selection of kits and presents for Mothers, including, Chocolate, beauty products, beach towels, bags and baskets, and more, all made in Portugal


Nana is a nice cafe in Campo de Ourique owned by Alexandra, which space is now only open for events. They still have lots of great options to order, either sweet or savory. You should check it out if your partner appreciates food gifts!

A massage session by Manu Kondo


If you want to be sure your partner gets the best out of her gift, you can book a massage with Manu Kondo, by gifting the mom of your children a 90’ massage. Ahimsa is located in Arroios and Manu is specialized in deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and cupping.

A view from Miradouro Senhora Do Monte close to Vino Vero and Ape Boteco, perfect for an Italian Aperitivo


You are not convinced by any of these gifts? She might be happy to spend some extra hours doing something she likes over the weekend: I believe this could also be a great gift! And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time to spend with her children during this Celebratory day and the day to come.

SUGGESTION TO WHAT TO DO WITH SOME TIME OFF BY YOURSELF ON A WEEKEND? Stroll around town; visit a museum; rent a bike and go to Belém by the river and back; take a long nap; take a long bath with some bath bombs; go shopping for a nice dress; book a mani&pedi; have a brunch with friends in one of the Restaurants suggests by Andre Chaica join a group of Mama friends for an aperitivo and dinner somewhere.

You are a mom and like these suggestions? Send the link to your partner or write me an email with his contact and I will be happy to be your messenger.

I hope this makes your life easy and your Mother’s Day nice!

Have a lovely celebration, Mamas, you really deserve it!