Let me introduce you to Lisbon with kids -the City Guide, a guide dedicated to curious families that I wrote and published in collaboration with Charlotte from Little Voyageur, a publisher of Family City guides based in Bangkok.

Inside the guide, you will find 50 authentic, precious, and local kid-friendly gems to explore, selected by me after years of exploring the city of Lisbon: from hotels to restaurants, cafés, fun experiences, and lots of nice shopping options all for families with kids of different ages. All the suggestions are in English and French

Included in the guide there is a pamphlet with suggestions for day trips or multiple days journeys outside of Lisbon: from Cascais to the Silver coast or the southern Sesimbra, boho Comporta, or the sunny and warm Algarve. All destinations come with length suggestions and local accommodation tips.

Charlotte, a mama of 4, travel blogger, and the owner of Little Voyageur, made sure City Guides were designed with great care, to be as easy and practical to use as possible. Our addresses have been positioned so that you can always have our map under your eyes while searching for a place. Super light and protected by its pretty kraft cover, our guide is an absolute must-have!

We already have a few shops selling around Lisbon, Paris, and Bangkok: you can order it directly on the Little Voyageur website at this link. In case you prefer a pdf guide, you can also order it at this link: it’s less cute, but it still has all the 50 curated places to explore, you will not regret it!

In case you want more info about the guide, please don’t hesitate to email me at meyouandlisbon @ gmail.com (all together without spaces).

You have a physical or online shop and you want to sell the guide?

We are on the lookout for more shops around Lisbon and in the whole world to sell our guides; you can get in contact with me via email (se email above) or DM on social media or directly with Charlotte at her email charlotte@littlevoyageurs.com