June is a very special month for the city and region of Lisbon: the 1st of June was Dia das Crianças which led to an extreme amount of events between the 1st and the following weekend 4-5th June (sorry no suggestion for that as I was travelling).

The 10th of June is Portugal Day, Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities where Portugal celebrates one of the greatest Portuguese Poets, Luis Camões and its independence from Spain in 1640: the occurrence is celebrated by the many Portuguese communities around the globe.

The 13th of June is Santo Antonio, which brings one of the biggest celebrations in Lisbon: Santos Populares. They are celebrated by basically every lisboeta and expat around Lisbon and every neighborhood put up colorful parades called Marchas, cool street parties with the typical colorful decorations and sardines and grilled fish aplenty.

Here’s a selection of events happening in Lisbon: they are free and very much fun (maybe a bit crowded). Be ready to enjoy a lot of Musica Pinga which is typical for these festivities concerts

I would avoid Alfama after 20.00 with small kids, as it gets packed and very busy with the narrow streets.

Santos em Santos

A new Santos Populares venue in town, brought to life by Freguesia da Estrela during Covid, next to Santos Station: a small lunapark for the kids, different food trucks, grilled leitões and sardines, bifanas and cerveja. There are concerts on the weekends and a very nice and family-friendly vibe. Also, there is a lot of space, which is sometimes lacking in other parts of the cities.

You can still go and enjoy the typical Santos Populares in Mandragoa!

Grande Arraial das Avenidas Novas

You have time the whole month to join the organizers of the Grande Arraial of Avenidas Novas at the Campo Pequeno Garden: there will be carousels, inflatables, and street food trucks, all accompanied by live music, karaoke and stand up comedy!

A minha Penha è linda – Penha de França

This Arraial is happening at Mercado Sapadores, and it’s a mix of good food and a showcase of the local associations operating in the area. Music, good food and plenty of animation for what whole family to enjoy

Veggy Vibes Arraial – Campo Santa Clara

The very first and only Vegan Arraial in Lisbon is in Mercado Campo Santa Clara: some food trucks participating are EcoRoots , Comer Com Cor , Cherosabor Doces , @rasoi_lx , Pistácio , Bimi Portugal , VeggieFam, @a.minha.avo.takeaway , @pastelaria abecas , Vegamaki , muka.vegancheese .

Arraial Beco de Lisboa – Voz Operaio Graça

The Arraial Beco de Lisboa returns to the Voz do Operario patio! There will be sardines, steaks, chorizo and all the typical snacks of the Lisbon summer. Friday 10th there will be a kids parade: Saturday and Sunday live music. Make your reservations through 912 176 895 ou do email paulacarvalho@vozoperario.pt.

Arraial Pra’ Sempre Muraria

The most multicultural Arraial of Lisbon is happening in Mouraria between the 2nd and the 18th of June, with Irmãos Makossa , the italians of Anonima Nuvolari, the brazialian singer  Nega Jaci and the Luso- Brazilian group Samba Sem Fronteiras.

Marchas Populares – Avenida Liberdade

If you have older kids, you might want to attempt to check the big Parade that will happen along Avenida Liberdade: 20 different groups from Lisbon’s neighborhoods are competing to win this year competition.

Santos Populares in Cascais

Marchas Populares – The parade is scheduled for June 10, starting at 7:00 pm, starting next to the Palacio da Cidadela. The route includes the descent of Avenida D. Carlos I, stopping in front of the Hotel Baía and continuing to the Mercado da Vila, where it ends with the public presentation at 20:00.

Arraial de Santo António – From the 10th to the 12th of June, at the Vila de Cascais Market, with the collaboration of several Youth Associations in the municipality. Lunch and dinner will be served, and the Arraial’s opening hours are from 12:00 to 00:00. In addition, to ensure fun, two live bands will be present.

Santo Antonio Flowers’ Wall

During the whole month of June you should totally go to Museu De Lisboa-Santo Antonio next to Sè de Lisboa and take a family picture in front of the flowers’ wall dedicated to Santo Antonio festivities. You will find vendors that sells maneriço (literally little basil) and other souvenirs. There is also program of activities for families you can find at this link . If you like weddings, on the 12th of June you can attend the biggest wedding in Portugal: 18 couples are getting married for the Casamento de Santo Antonio inside the Sè de Lisboa all paid by sponsors for the occasion.

Palacio Baldaya

Unfortunately, the kids-friendly Arraial at Palaçio Baldaya already happened last weekend, ahead of everyone else: there is still plenty of events for kids during June that you can check at this link