On March 19th, Portugal and other countries around Europe celebrate Father’s Day.

I love celebrations so I put together a list of dedicated presents for the occasion all made and delivered around Lisbon!

I am also organizing a giveaway to support some cool local shops, you just need to check my last post on my Instagram: we are gifting one lucky family 4 pizzas from Pizza Gira, a mini velvet cake, and a box of brigadeiros from Nana O Ponto Mais Doçe da Cidade and a bottle of Suba natural wine and a bag of Kawa coffee beans from Holy Wine Lisbon. Check my IG page post for the instructions: it only takes few minutes!

But let’s now see the many Special boxes and gifts available this year for the families living in Lisbon

Nana o Ponto mais Doçe

Nana is a nice cafe in Campo de Ourique owned by Alexandra. She is preparing a Special box with a Mini Velvet Cake and a box with 8 brigadeiros or a Brunch for 3.
To reserve before 17/03.

She is also offering her special box in our giveaway! Check here

Be Present
Father’s Day Box

Be Present has put together two different boxes for Father’s day with a selection of locally sourced gifts: in the picture the Mini box with a hot sauce, a book and a beer from Dois Corvos

Joey Lx

This catering firm as put together a lovely brunch box for Fathers’s day that you can reserve either for Father’s day or for the coming weekend: because you can never be too much celebrations!

They deliver home, but be sure to reserve yours soon!

Father’s Snack Box WonderEmotions

Another catering firm that created a Snack box with charcuterie, different kind of cheese, and a bottle of Portuguese liquor Beirão

They deliver home, but be sure to reserve yours soon!

Dois Corvo Beer Pack

Dois Corvo is a local craft beer company located in Braço da Prata. They are selling a 6 packs of different beers together with a bottle opener.

Order by 16/03 to receive on time for Friday.

Sheraton Lisbon Father’s Day Experiences

3 different presents experiences are available on the Sherton Website. Wine tasting, Gin Cocktail experience and there is even a Charity Donation box .

They deliver home. Click the image for details

Senhor Rito Special Box Set

Senhor Rito has become the hot souce dealer of Lisbon. Founded by three american guys from California, the sauces are made by locally grown harvested and bottled peppers here in Lisbon.

They deliver home but can also usually be found every Saturdays at Santos Collective.

Marisco Box by Clube do Bacalhau

Surprise daddy with a box of of amazing fish and mariscos (ceviche, oysters, and more) and you will receive a bottle of wine

Free delivery service: to be reserved until 18/03. Click the image for details

Enjoy your celebrations and remember to join my newsletter at this link to receive my newsletter: now that the restrictions are being lifted I will keep you updated on the best events for kids in town and on the events for families I will start organizing again.