Some weeks ago, overwhelmed by all the news that was coming from across the oceans, I wrote an open letter regarding the elections in the US, to American Republicans and undecided Americans. Today is election day and I am aware that this election will affect the life of the entire world for many years to come, and so I decided to share it here on my blog.

Dear Republican Americans and undecided Americans, if any in my friend list, sorry to write you, I wish I could live a more careless life but I actually can’t so this is an appeal to you since the day of American Election has finally come.

Fires are sweeping the west, hurricanes and tropical storms are devastating the south, Ice is melting in the north, and a Pandemic that has caused many thousand deaths in the est in April (and could have been dealt with then) is now at an enormous 180000 death toll in all USA and counting (now more that 210000). Why would you vote, again, for a President that doesn’t believe in science, he actually despises it?

Why would you vote, again, for a President that doesn’t believe in science, he actually despises it?

If Environment and Health are not in your concern, and that could only be possible because you are a man, single, with no kids, no parents alive, no relatives over 50 or with preconditions, no nephews or nices that will grow and find a devasted world, what about start thinking yourself as a part of a whole society and not only to your own self, taking in consideration that if the society or the world environment collapse, you either are living isolated on an island and you grow your own food and build your own tools, but everything you interact with in your daily life will be affected too.

And I will not talk about all the inequality, racial issues, healthcare system, and gun safety problem that have been plaguing the country, there is too much to say and I have experienced too little or nothing about it directly as I live (thank Goodness, I well know I was just lucky) in a pretty peaceful corner of the world (not perfect I know, but better I believe) and because the BLM is already speaking quite loud about it and there is nothing I can express better than them at the moment, other than checking my privilege and help the cause in other ways.

Best regards from a concerned mother, daughter, auntie, and European citizen living on the other side of the Atlantic ocean which life will be affected by American politics and election results, even if I can’t actively do anything about it.

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Nothing to add to this other than outrage – illustration by @heatherschiederillustrates_ 

p.s Picture from a snowy NY some years ago