Hello dear reader, welcome again on my page! I have been wanting to change the name of my project from Me you and E (former Me you and Everywhere we go) to Me you and Lisbon for quite some time.

A bit about this blog

I first open the blog almost 4 years ago, while in the middle of a gap year where we were constantly traveling between Denmark, Portugal, and Italy, trying to decide where to settle: I thought traveling would have been the norm in our near future and I wanted to write about it extensively. But we were so busy traveling and taking care of our then 8 months old son, that I never really manage to keep up with my own expectations.

The first Lisbon sunset we got to see

Then I started to write more about Lisbon since we had decided to settle in Lisbon long term, but my hands were full and my mind wasn’t feeling creative enough to write all I wanted: in the meantime, I founded and run a community of international families living in Lisbon, Lisbon Foreign Parents, that became my main project while roaming the Portuguese life.

Making Lisbon our home

Two years ago, Elio started school, and I was ready to start doing things again, started to plan events and gatherings with some friends, but while expecting Elsa, it was impossible for me to keep up since the pregnancy was very challenging and I didn’t have energies left: we kept social activity at a minimum, we stop traveling abroad completely, only going to Italy twice a year, but my knowledge of Lisbon grew even stronger.

Picture by Kelly Sousa Photography

A new family member

Elsa came in November and I became even more silent on social media, since having two kids while leaving abroad it’s no joke, I will not lie: busy but happy, last February I was ready again to get back to our family social life, but I after organizing our first family brunch, the Covid Pandemic struck and there we were stuck, at home, two small kids to entertain and all my plans out of the window again, together with the ones of practically the entire world.

Fast forward to today, after a well-deserved summer break in Italy to visit family, we are experiencing a second wave in all Europe, but this time I decided I can still make plans and go forward with my projects: I even have a babysitter that can take of Elsa while I work on my projects while Elio is in school. Hurray!

A rare picture of Little Elsa few months ago

Me you and Lisbon and more

My plans are many but I have been starting with little steps: taking inspiration from my old weekly agenda, I now send out a weekly newsletter to all my subscribers about family-friendly events happening in Lisbon (here is the latest one). I started collaborating with local businesses to help them get known in the community: if you are interested please send an email to my mailbox.

Now it’s time to update my online presence and here it comes to my new project name: Me You and Lisbon. Lisbon is the place I know and that I call home. Over the years I got to explore the city, I got to know families, business owners, nice places, and cool stuff happening: I want to share with you more about it and I now can also use my newly open Facebook page, and my Instagram page, that will all go by the same name. You are welcome to like and follow both of them if you want!

My new logo

I wanted to give a new look and feel to my blog, much needed after 3 years, and so instead of making a new one from scratch, I gave a new touch to the one I had already. Let me know if you like it in the comments here!

What’s next

The project and plans in my hat are not finished but better to take one thing at a time, and it also means you have to come back to check what I am working on! Off I go to write my next article about Magical Garden Exhibition in Lisbon and prepare my next newsletter!

Have a nice weekend everybody, I hope you get to spend it with the people you love since doing all the things we like might not be an option for some

We will get out of this together

p.s I recently found out about the Multipotentialite people and I figured out I might be one of them: check out Emilie Wapnick’s website and take the quiz to see if you are also one and we have a coffee together to talk about our many crazy projects!