Hello everybody: long time no see!
As been so long since I wrote my last posts and also my agenda hasn’t been really updated, but here I am with some info about what’s going on in town!

After a deserved summer break, Lisbon is now bustling with events, activities, fair, workshops that are definitely worth to look into.

Lisboa Na Rùa

The month-long cultural program from Cultura na Rua has started last week of September with Lisboa Magica, but there are still lots of interesting and fun events to join: you find the entire program at this link but I can tell what we already experience last year!

The Clown Ticosi in action

Chapéus na Rua

A busking festival taking place in the surrounding of Rua Almirante Reis, Campo Martires de Patria, Arroios and Largo Intendente, with nice shows both for grown-ups and little ones: you can find music, Circus performances, and buskers shows.

PRACTICAL TIPS: in largo Intendente you can also take a look and the flagship store of A Vida Portuguesa while in Campo Martires de Patria you can check the amazing makeover of the basket playground by the Italian Artist Aka Corleone.

Elio sleeping while we were eating and listening to the concert

Amor no Vale

If you like Classic Music and evening nights spent outdoor, this is a must: the Gulbenkian Orquestra will perform at the Vale do Silencio park, Saturday 14th of September, with a cool program of some of the bests Operas pieces.
Last year our son manage to fall asleep before the concert started and slept through it all, despite the fact that the music is quite loud.

PRACTICAL TIPS: We suggest to get there early to find a nice spot and maybe order some pizza take away with Uber, or bring a nice picnic dinner. The park is on a hill so do not worry if you come later: you will be able to find a good spot with a nice view anytime!

Outjazz at Jardim da Estrela

OutJazz Sommersby Festival

During the month of September, Outjazz Festival takes place in Bela Vista Park, close to the airport. It’s a nice occasion to listen to some jazz and DJ set with kids around. Live music usually starts at 17.00 and at 18.30 comes the DJ set… and the young people! Picture from the event in Estrela.

PRACTICAL TIPS: Remeber to bring food and drinks, if the event it’s very busy can take longer to get something at the stalls.

Other events part of the same program that we haven’t check ourselves but that sounds interesting and worth to check

POPular – Inatel na Rua

This itinerant festival aims to bring local traditions into streets and parks. This year in Lisbon will have events going on in Parque das Nações, Ajuda e Jardim da Estrela. Here’s the event in Jardim da Estrela, happening the last weekend of September

© Palacio Baldaya

Palácio Baldaya turns 2 years old

Plenty of events happening at the newly renovated Palacio Baldaya: Vintage Festival, Jam sessions, Folk festival and so on.

© Jose Frade from Cultura Na Rua

Lisboa Soa

Estufa Fria is one of the best-hidden secrets that Parque Eduardo VII hide in his hill; it’s kind of a tropical botanical garden under a canopy (Estufa Fria means the exact opposite of glasshouse) plus an actual glass house with more desertic plants. If you never been, the festival Lisboa Soa could be a nice occasion: there will be a lot of sound installations reflecting on the human impact on natural environment and animal migrations. Last year the event took place inside the Reservatorio Mãe d’agua and it was magical.

PRACTICAL TIPS: On Sunday the Estufa Fria is free to access: next to it there is a cute playground for the kids to stretch before or afterwards.

Semana Europeia da Mobilidade 2019

This is the week we can all join together to improve the environment of our city. Participate actively using public transport or move around in a more environmentally friendly way by walking and using your bike or vehicles with shared mobility. During this week, also take the opportunity to participate in many initiatives that the City of Lisbon created to make our life more exciting, sustainable and of better quality: here’s the event.

A lot of activities and event are planned for the week: bike training courses, Night bicycle tour of Alfama, Bicla fest on Sunday at Terreiro do Paço, Playstreet with Brincape in Penha de França and much more.

Feira Feita

Feira Feita is the market you want to go if you love handmade local pieces or if you want to learn how to make them. Organized by FICA, a workshop in Lx Factory that offers classes all year round, the fair will take place in Mercado de Santa Clara, in the middle of Feira da Ladra.
Some of the brands I love the most will be showcasing their products and will also teach workshop: weaving brand Slow by Andreia Marquez, block-printing Mani in Pasta with Elisa, kids publisher Triciclo Editora.
There will be workshops for kids (Slow from 5YO on Saturday and Triciclo Editora from 4YO on Sunday) and grown-ups.

PRACTICAL TIPS: suggest to go with Electrico 28, as it stops next to São Vicente church and if you have time you can check the view from the top of the church. The Feira da Ladra is very peculiar to stroll around, especially the more vintage stalls: you can also have breakfast with a view at Clara&Clara a nice quiosque inside the Jardim Botto Machado.

Les Étoiles, Evohé next to the National Pantheon

Festival Todos

Hungry for more open-air cultural experiences? Festival Todos will take place 19-22nd of September around the Graça neighborhood. It includes new circus, music, guided tours, culinary experiences and so on: the open air exhibitions will mainly be held at Jardim da Cerca da Graça and Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

Lisbon Under Stars

LISBON UNDER STARS is an inspiring audiovisual and sensorial experience with a length of 45 minutes. The walls of the Carmo Church are transformed into three-dimensional screens, where multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects, accompanied with the sounds of renowned names of Portuguese music, allow the people to be in the center of the story. The public can move freely around the location and see the show from different perspectives, making the experience unique for each visitor.

TOPO CHIADO Open-air Movie theatre

If you are looking for a different night out, you can try the nicest open-air movie theatre in town (and probably in Europe): it hides behind the Carmo Church, it has an amazing view on Elevador de Santa Justa at night plus a cool vibe. Organized by Cinesociety, it will run until the end of October: titles include Titanic, Walk the line, Les Miserables, Breakfast at Tiffany, Dirty Dancing and much more. If you have a little one that can fall asleep in the stroller, you can bring him along while he does so: there are no loud sounds involved as participant listen to the movie via headphones.