Here we are! Our very last post about Christmas in Lisbon before we leave for the holidays it’s here!
We’ll enjoy our coming weekend in Lisbon as a family of three (with friends, of course) before we get into the vortex of our big Italian families that we’ll see every day nonstop for many days when we will be back in Italy.

We plan to celebrate with family 24th lunch and dinner, 25th at lunch (and probably light dinner) and 26th at lunch: after that we plan a little couple escapes somewhere close to Bologna, maybe a spa or something similar, where we will just eat salads, drink tea, and relax, trying to leave Elio for the first time since he was born, with my parents and maybe nieces to keep him company. Any suggestion on where should we go? please comment here!

For now, let’s go back to our approaching Lisboeta weekend.

Christmas and Desing markets are so many, that I have decided to talk about the different neighborhood where these markets are held, adding some interesting activities for the kids too and some locals shops tips: in this post, we’ll talk about Principe Real, Alcantara, Chiado, Campo de Ourique and Sintra. The coming list is a resonate selection with both events and new shops you can visit but you can still find the full calendar here.

Principe Real

This weekend Principe Real is more alive than ever: the usually monthly makers market organized buy Portugal Real is called Christmas Market, will last 4 days, and a lot of nice local handcrafter will be there like So-So, Mayumi Origami, Alfarama, and much more. If you go on Saturday you also have the organic farmer market to buy veggies and fruits, but also flowers, honey, and other local products: the best part of the market is that you can bring your textile bags and eggs holder, to reduce the use of plastic bags and wrapped veggies and join the Zero Waste movement.

Principe Real Makers market

This same weekend, the online shop Cabana, is setting up Pop-up de Natal in the amazing A Sociedade: the event looks promising and the space is fabulous

Loja Dada in Sao Mamede is offering 30% off on the Autumn/Winter collection until this Saturday and they have amazing kids garments of local and international brands.

Loja Dada – Summer version

You can read about Loja Dada and other interesting shops in Lisbon in my post here.

If you are looking for some Grownups Clothes, there is a new shop at Embaixada that’s called Isto and has simple but stylish garments and affordable prices.

Cais Sodre

Two nice events this weekend in the Cais Sodre neighborhood: Fashion Deli market at Second Home, garments, ceramics, jewelry, and much more in this amazing coworking in Time Out market, usually closed to the general public. Join me there, I will go around 19.00 to have a drink and check the market.

Second Home – the coworking space

Festive markets is a special Christmas market with a selection of design products and craft wine at a local shop in Lisbon, with music, a wine bar, and snacks: the location is Nomad Goods a concept store that sells cool brands like K Living, House Doctor, Musgo, WeTheKnot, Arminho, SlowDownStudio, prints, t-shirts and limited sweatshirts from local and international artists plus limited stock editions from natural wine producers both Portuguese and European. They’ve created a selection of 7 gift ideas that combine wine and design, from only 15 EUROS!

In Rua de Sao Paulo, Netflix is showcasing something Christmassy and about Stranger Things: if you are a fan of Tv Serie, it’s a must. I’m not sure what they will do as the description is quite vague, but Netflix is quite good at these things, look at the new Christmas tree in Rome, also ST themed. If you have never watch ST, you should definitely give it a try: I’ll go and check it this afternoon before going to Second Home, and will do a story on my Instagram account.


Lx Factory is always worth a visit but this weekend is buzzing with Christmas markets and cool events.

The usual weekly market has a Christmas twist, it’s named Natale Criativo and you find the program here: this market it’s also connected as usual with the classical LX Rural that also will be in its Christmas version. These events will be on Sunday 16th.

Team box, an architecture firm with his headquarter at LXFactory is hosting Portuguese Room Pop Up Store de Natal in his Studio Teambox spacea unique pop-up store with original pieces created by Portuguese artists and designers. Amongst the brands, you will find Tea & Oatcakes for Isabel Ramos, Ana Pina, Rolanda Alves – Jewels & Gems, Avedouda, Susana Palha. Art Prints & Originals Fulana, Beltrana e Sicrana, KusKatstudio, Nuts for Paper, Miss Castelinhos, TANGRAMartworks, Alfamarama, The Portuguese Room and much more.

If you have kids, you can take the chance to visit, a new theatre in Ajuda, where this weekend is hosting the piece 5 tales for not falling asleep, by Caroline Bergeron.

On Sunday, at Ajuda Palace, Coolture is organizing nice tours in the company of the actual Queen Maria Pia of Savoia, that will lead you and your kids through the magnificent hall of this half-finished castle while exchanging secrets and curiosities about how was life in the palace centuries ago.


Junto is an interactive performance created by the Brazilian duo of Colectivo Lagoa, Gui Callegari, and Clara Bevilaqua. Last year we attended Conversas de Corpo and we liked it so much, and we are definitely going back to see the new piece. We have been so busy that we haven’t managed yet, but the show will be at Largo Trinidade until the 20th. We might organize a group with Lisbon Foreign Parents: will keep you updated.

Conversas de Corpo at Teatro da Trinidade

In front of Trinidade Theatre, a new concept store opened its doors last week: Together sells Anna Westerlund Ceramics and Oficina166 by Diana Cunha macrame and tapestry pieces plus there is Whish Concept Store involved. Nothing can go wrong?

If this weekend you plan some dad time with your kids, you can bring them to experience the atmosphere of The Chocolate Factory at the family sessions organized at O Purista Barberie by Fever, a platform that organizes but also collects events in Lisbon: there will be hot chocolate, and face painting involved plus the Golden tickets of course.

Campo de Ourique

If you are heading to Campo de Ourique this week there is a lot to do around this neighborhood. The Christmas events are all connected under the Fashion Fashion and art Christmas – Natal em Campo de Ourique from 14th till 22nd of December: there will be exhibitions, Santa Claus at Jardim da Parada, and there is the Conto de Natal piece at Biblioteca Europa. A lot of shops in Campo de Ourique are having promotions to enhance buying local: Pikikos, Cut Care Coffee, a new concept shop where you and your little ones can cut hairs while you sip a cup of coffee and they mount a little elephant or play chefs with the kitchen, will offer a coffee if you spend more than 10€.

Monthly market in Campo de Ourique

Baobà Livraria is also celebrating Christmas with its Book Fair that will give you up to 30% off on a lot of titles: the perfect match if you are still looking for Christmas Presents

Last but not least: about buying but also giving

I love to talk about markets and shops, and I’m sure somebody ( and my husband) will think: Is she really just buying all the time?
I like these markets very much because there are a lot of local makers and artists and I believe in buying locally and in support the creative and young community. I also love to give presents, cool presents better. But lately, I have a adopt this Idea that we are very lucky to be able to live this life, so I want to give back: together with Elio I gathered some toys he doesn’t use anymore, plus I will choose some clothes I don’t need and we’ll give them to the least lucky.

Dona Ajuda is a social project in the Mercado do Rato, run by volunteers, where you can bring your own unused stuff: they usually sell the most expensive to customers and with the money, they earn, help the most unfortunate people with social projects, food, and new clothes. So you can bring your underuse garments and chairs but you can also buy second-hand and clothes.

This weekend another event to help the unfortunate will happen in Avenida Liberdade: Heat the street will set up some clothes hangers and you can out your unused or unwanted clothes and jackets on them to be taken from people in need. It’s a good and more open way to be helpful and think about the unfortunate ones during this festive time of the year.

So enjoy your weekend and the Christmas vibe!