Lisbon is getting more and busier since people are back from holidays and kids are back to school.
Here my usual selection of events that I find interesting or peculiar, for kids but also for adults, that so much deserve some “you” moments from time to time.
The selection is divided into categories and all events have links to buy tickets or get more info: since last week we have a very new Good causes category and also a preview of the coming events for the ones that prefer to think ahead in time.

Museum, Exhibitions, and Atelier for babies and kids

•Um Tigre-Lírio é Difícil de Encontrar at Lu.Ca

The Luis Camoes Theater it’s a very new theater entirely dedicated to kids and young people. This weekend the season start with a piece called A Tiger Lily is difficult to find by Alex Cassal.
Age> +6 years old
Price > €6,00  Adultos €3,00 kids

ajuda     15-30 sept | sat and SUN | 16H30-17H30    more info here

•Manhãs D’Encantar – O Canto da Baleia

Canto da Baleia, an audiovisual and interactive concert for the whole family, is inspired by different children’s books (Benji Davies’s “The Whale”, Suzie Lee’s “A Onda”, Axel’s “Die Schnecke und der Buckelwal” Scheffer / Julia Donaldson), coupled with the desire to develop an interdisciplinary and interactive artistic format for children and adults.

Together with our audience, we dived into the sea, heard the wind and the waves, watched the dancing mermaids and singing jellyfish. The water becomes the central artistic material on the overhead projector and the musicians see strange shadow beings on the seabed.

In times of interaction we deal with the garbage at sea and present the sensation of
storm. On the musical principle of “Call & Response”, we provide song texts and
rhythms, so that our audience can actively participate in the show.

Estrela     29 sept | SUN | 10H00    more info here

•Ciclo de Cinema “Contos de Fadas”

“Pinocchio”, “A Fantasia” and “Snow White” arrive at Paula Rego’s House of Stories to complement the programming for families during the summer months.

As part of the exhibition “Traditional Tales and Fairy Tales”, in the Paula Rego House of Stories until September 30th, this film series shows some of the Disney films chosen by Paula Rego and treated in her works in the 90s.

Age> +4 YO
Price> Free
Free event but mandatory registration.
Registration (and reservations):
Monday to friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. | 214 826 970

cascais     29 sept | SAT | 14H30-17H30    more info here


Filipe Raposo (pianist, composer and orchestrator) has narrowed his relation with the cinema, not only in the composition of soundtracks for films, but mainly by the piano accompaniment of silent films. He is a resident pianist at Cinemateca Portuguesa, and has accompanied more than 150 films. Filipe Raposo manages, in a strict dialogue with the film, to create a soundtrack that becomes intrinsic to the film object.

The films of this cycle presented by Filipe Raposo at the Puppet Museum are by Lotte Reiniger, German director and pioneer of animation cinema.Reiniger has made more than 30 films ever with his paper-cutting technique, inspired by shadow theater with puppets. Many of the films were made during the silent film period (between the 1920s and 1930s) and some are inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

Age group > kids + 3 years
Fee> €3,5 kids – 5 € adult
Duration> 45 minutes

Booking    tlf. 213 942 810
Mandragoa     28-29 sept | fRi- SAT | 21H30    more info here


Pedro is in bed, sleeping. The moonlight strikes him in the face.
– Peter, tell the moon
“Moon,” says Pedro.
The Moon comes to Pedro’s arm and together they start a dream trip

Age> +3 YO
Fee> €3,5 kids – 5 € adult
Duration> 30 minutes

Booking    tlf. 213 942 810
Mandragoa     29-30 sept | SAT-SUN | different shows   more info here

•Concert for babies at Oceanario de Lisboa

Played against the dreamlike fantasy setting provided by the main aquarium, music will awaken the senses, evoke feelings of love and stimulate your child’s intellect and imagination.
Age group Babies and children up to 3 years of age
Fee €35/baby and two adults (includes free access to the permanent exhibition after the concert)
Note Previous reservation is required

Parc das Naçoes     Every SAT | 9H00  More info here

•Oficinas Criativas MAAT

mín. 5, máx. 15 participants
> 8 anos
Price: 7€ / 50% for second child

25 AUG-29 DEC | EVERY SAT | 15h30 (60min.)       more info here

mín. 5, máx. 15 participants
> 6 anos
Price: 7€ / 50% for second child

26 AUG-30 DEC | EVERY SUN | 15h30 (60min.)      more info here

Family-friendly cafes and bookshops

•Aldeia – Crescer en Familia

••Viagem Musical para bebés e crianças!

The project Mundos da Música invites you to embark on an amazing musical journey dedicated to your babies and kids using traditions and instruments coming from different parts of the world.

Age group > Babies and children from 3 months to 5 years
Fee> €10/baby and one adults – 2 € each adult or kid extra (brother/mother or father)
Duration> 45 minutes

Reservations and payment must be made in advance

Graça     29 SEPT | SAT | from 16H15     more info here

•O Lobo Esfomeado

“Lobo Esfadoado” is a theatrical show filled with music, color and interactive moments designed for children from 12 months to 6 years. Story of a friendship between a very gluttonous old wolf and a cold sheep.

Age group > Babies and children from 12 months to 6 years
Fee> €10/baby and one adults – 2 € each adult or kid extra (brother/mother or father)
Reservations and info at

Graça     30 SEPT | SUN | 11H00- 11H30     more info here

••Playgroup 12-36 months:

Babies and kids can participate with parents or be left with educators while parents can enjoy the cafe, working or having a cup of coffee or a good sandwich

EVERY wed | 10H30 – 12H30 more info here

••Atelier Suja, Pinta, Brinca (Coming soon)

Painting and get dirty has never been so much fun! Why? Because they are going to play in the company of Marias Catrapumbas. While listening to fun and inspiring songs, babies are invited to paint and play with our homemade edible inks.
Dress with old clothes and bring a change of them.
Age group > Babies and children from 6 months to 4 years
Fee> €10/baby and one adults – 2 € each adult or kid extra (brother/mother or father)
Duration> 30 minutes
Reservations and info at

Graça     6 OCT | SAT | 16H00- 18H00     more info here

••Sensory Atelier

Thu | 16H15 – 17H00 from 6 Months til 4 years more info here

••Baby Yoga

Thu | 10H15 AND 11H00 from 2 Months til 2 years in two different age groups       more info here

Dança Oriental Intuitiva
Body Development
Aula Hatha Yoga
Aulas de Yoga para Grávidas

•Baobà Livraria

Itália, estrelas e rock’n’roll de papel c/ Giulia Atzori  (IT) Soldout

Beatrice Alemagna, B. J. Novak and the ancient tales of Sardinia!
Between genius and disobedience, color and laughter, let’s listen to stories and answer a seemingly simple question: What is a child?
Bilingual session in Portuguese and Italian with mini-workshop to finish!

Age> everybody is welcome
Max> 24 places available
3 € ( 1 kid+1 adult)

Campo de Ourique      28 SET | SÁB | 11H00     more info here

•Histórias Persas c/ Omid Bahrami

in partnership with the FL-UL Iranology Center

In the deserted mountains of Iran, Babaï decided to sow a garden.
Point by point, joined earth, water and sun, played with colors and textures, welcomed animals and vegetation. As if we were weaving a rug, as if telling a story.
Session not to be missed, narrated in Portuguese and Persian.

Age> everybody is welcome
Max> 24 places available
3 € ( 1 kid+1 adult)

Campo de Ourique      29 SET | SÁB | 16H00     more info here

•Orfeu Mini Bargaining Fair (Orfeu Negro Ediçao)
picture books for kids and adults

In BAOBÁ bookstore, we do not let September finish without challenging you to a Bargain Fair of illustrated books from the Orfeu Mini collection, editions Orfeu Negro, with prices starting at 3 euros!

Bargains are books that have been on display in the bookstore and have warrior brands. They may have dropped a little hand (= crumpled corner) or have a page that unwittingly doubled up and stayed like that. But the stories do not get crowded and they are kept there in their entirety.

If you believe that a book does not have to be perfect to be perfect, visit BAOBÁ in the week of September 25th to 29th and come and take from this tree of bargains the most beautiful picture books!

Campo de Ourique      25-29 SET | toda semana | From 10H30     more info here

Concerts and Festivals

•Vila d’Os Músicos 2018

After the success of last year’s edition, Vila d’Os Músicos returns to the Anjos Palace in Algés for a unique day of leisure activities and fun for the whole family with free admission. As a link to the music, visitors can participate in open classes and workshops, attend the Concerts, meet the Authors’ Corner and news from Vila d’Os Músicos Market, all with many surprises in between.

alges     29 SET  | SAT | 10H00-19H00     more info here

•O Festival Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Cinema no Feminino

Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Cinema no Feminino promotes the screening of films from the Mediterranean Basin, with the aim of furthering the knowledge of the cinematography from this geographical area. The Festival aims to present itself as a showcase of the role of women in film production, giving particular visibility to their work and stimulating exchanges with film professionals in Portugal. The festival Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Cinema no Feminino is a project of the group Olhares do Mediterrâneo and of the Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA)

Workshop para Crianças | Olhares em-Pequenino


Let’s get to know Odd and his story, invented by Lisa Aisato!
Who can imagine what it will be like to have an egghead? Who can invent other boys with different heads?
Through the visualization of the film Odd is an egg, of movement and plastic experimentation, we will discover what our imagination is capable of, and how far it can take us!

Max> 9 pairs (1 kid and 1 adult)


avenida liberdade     30 SET  | SUN | 11H00-13H00     more info here

•Wanderlust Portugal: the one and only Mindful Triathlon

Wanderlust Portugal is a unique opportunity to celebrate the mindful movement, to learn to live the present and to pause. Yoga classes, meditation, exceptional teachers from Portugal and the World, different types of yoga. In addition to the components of Yoga, Mindfulness and Racing that make up the triathlon, it integrates several spaces dedicated to talks, lectures and workshops, which in the first edition had names like Filipa Veiga, Rute Caldeira, Chef Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro, Nutritionist Ana Bravo and this year are back among other incredible names as well as international, which is the case of Grace Dubery and the super brazilian Aline Fernandes.

There will be a space dedicated only to children, curated by the “Little Buddha” and called Wanderkids.

Here the program for the kids area:

  • 10:00-11:00 Yoga de palmo e meio – Professor Tiago Jesus
  • 11:30 – 12:30 – Workshop Parentalidade Consciente – Joana Magno
  • 14:00-15:00 – Meditação em Familia “O Pequeno Buda” – Tomás Mello Breyner.
  • 15:30 16:30 – Workshop Arte da Intenção, construção de dreamcatchers com materiais reciclados – Teresa Lupi e Diogo Meneses
  • 17:00 – 18:00 – Yoga para Crianças – Raquel Canhão

Price> 30€

belem     30 SET  | SAT | 10H00-19H00     more info here


•Colorindos in Alameda

Looking for a radical experience in Lisbon?  The Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques park will be the scene of these fantastic adventures: Mountaineering Tower and the Biggest Slide in Europe! (150 m)

Join #ColorindoLisboa where we will challenge the participants for a breathtaking adventure and can even draw in ink a message of love for your favorite city. #Lisbon

Alameda     15-30 SET  | 09H00     more info here

•Lisboa na Rua

A cultural Festival that will take place in the streets of Lisbon, with music, theater,  movies, dance and much more. The festival will last for a month and will enlight the street of Lisbon

Around Lisbon     23 AUG-30 SEPT     more info here          Time out best 25 selection

My personal selection

•• Antiprincesas

The evocation of important female role model such Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector or  Bolivian military of Indios origin Juana Azurduy. The show will take place at Parque José Gomes Ferreira

Alvalade     15 SEP – 30 SEP | sAT AND SUN | 11H00 and 16H00      more info here

•OutJazz Festival

This OutJazz festival takes place in different gardens of Lisbon: after Belem, Parque Eduardo VII and Jardim da Estrela, for the month of September is taking place at Jardim do Campo Grande.
Chill live music and DJ set.
Picture from the last month event at Jardim da Estrela.

CAMPO GRANDE    30 SEPT | SUN | 17H and 22H     more info here

Good Causes

A festa do voluntariado / Dia STC 2018

Serve the City Portugal, that works in Lisbon with homeless people, marginalized kids and elderly people ( is  organizing this exciting afternoon.
There will be bouncy castle, face painting, balloon modelling, capoeira class, live music, a raffle with exciting prizes, nice food (for your lanche) and a fair with different volunteering opportunities.

Just follow the link and sign up if you’re thinking to go

CAMPO GRANDE    29 SEPT | Sat | 14H and 17H     more info here

•16° European Mobility Week

This is the week we will all join together to improve the environment of our city. Participate actively using public transport or move around in a more environmentally friendly way by walking and using your bike or vehicles with shared mobility. During this week, also takes the opportunity to participate in many initiatives that the City of Lisbon created to make our most exciting, sustainable and better quality of life.

This is the last event of the long Europena Mobility Week: the big 301 bus will be in Avenida Liberdade and a lot of activity will be offered for kids of different age

avenida liberdade   29 SEP | SAT |  14H00-19H00

Markets and Fairs

•LX clothes and Rural Market

Clothes (both used and new), accessories and organic veggie market at LX Factory held in the street of the refurbished factory. We suggest a stop at the amazing bookshop Ler Devagar, brunch at Wish Coffee House and a sneak peek in their little design shop, a visit to the Arlequim woman on the top of Rio Marvilha restaurant.

ALCANTARA       16 SEP | SUN | 11.30H and 16H     more info here

Open Air Movies

•Topo Chiado Cinesociety

Outdoor screening of some of the best movie of all time with an amazing view over Lisbon: from Dirty Dancing to  Call me by your name from Luca Guadagnino (IT), the latest Lady Bird or THE DARJEELING LIMITED. The same event with different movies is happening also in Cascais.

CHIADO or cascais   21H00     more info on date and TIMe here


Workshop for adults

Craft Azulejo inspired Jewellery

Explore azulejo patterns and create your unique piece of jewellery!
In this workshop, you’ll create your own earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring.
In the end, you will leave with a personalised jewellery piece created entirely by you.
Are you new to designing & embroidering? Then this session is perfect for beginners who have never designed a piece of accessory or worked with a needle. It’s also for anyone looking for more of a challenge in designing accessories.
Snacks and drinks will be served.

Duration> 3 hours (2pm – 5pm)
Price> €20 – incl. the materials provided (needles, threads, tiles and metal findings).

graça     29 SEP | SAT  | 14H00 -17H00      more info here

Intro to Weaving Workshop

Cross Stitch Ceramic Tile | Wall Hanging

•Empowering The Mother’s Journey

A pregnancy training for women who want to make a conscious journey into motherhood from a holistic point of view.
You have embarked on an exciting journey. Whether you are already a mom, becoming a mom or feel the wish to become a mother, this program will empower you to follow your inner voice with confidence.

The contribution is a donation between €10, – and €50, – per course.

To inscribe please sent a message or email to:
Milagros +351 964 190 009
Rosanna +31614647492 email:

ESTRELA     22 SEP-6 DEC | SAT  | 10H00 -18H00      more info here

•Mother’s circle

The journey of a mother is a long one. It’s a journey that takes us to unforeseen places full of surprises, patience and impatience, doubts and a huge amount of Love. We need courage and trust to keep on going step by step.
To avoid traveling in loneliness we create this Mother circle. For support, care, inspiration, and joy!
The circles will be hosted by Milagros and Rosanna. Both mothers. Milagros is an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher en Rosanna is an Art Therapist. Both are also students of the Kundalini pregnancy yoga course ‘The Mother’s Journey’.

ESTRELA     30 SEPì | SUN  | 16H00 -18H00      more info here

•Retrosaria Workshops

•Iniciação à tapeçaria em tear

An introduction to the tapestry through the technique of weaving in small looms with Vânia Oliveira, artisan and costume designer residing between Germany and Portugal. Beginners Workshop (no knowledge required in the area).

Bairro Alto     29 OCT | SAT | 10H00 – 14H00      more info here

•Iniciação à tapeçaria em talagarça de Esmirna

An initiation to the tapestry in Esmirna drapery with Vânia Oliveira, artisan and costume designer residing between Germany and Portugal. Beginners Workshop (no knowledge required in the area).

Price> € 55


Bairro Alto     13 OCT | SAT | 15H00 – 19H00      more info here

•Merino wool Fairy Workshop  (Inspired by pedagogy Waldorf)

A workshop where you will be able to create a merino wool fairy for yourself, your baby or someone very special, among new mothers, babies and children.

Live the Magic of Motherhood, in an environment of sharing and nurturing family affective bonds. Let yourself be inspired … And follow the intuition of the heart!

Price> 35€
Telefone: 967688647

cabo ruivo     29 SEPì | SAT | 15H00-18H00      more info here

•CONTO AZUL – Projeto-Oficina de ilustração em cianotipia

CONTO AZUL is a workshop project whose purpose is to create works of two natures – small handmade books and large panels – from small stories about Marvila – illustrating them using cyanotype, a nineteenth-century photographic printing technique.
In addition to this main activity, to be carried out with a fixed workgroup, parallel activities will be developed for the general public.

Different activities taking place in Marvila, free and open to everybody

A project of IMAGERIE – Casa de Imagens
Partner Rede de Bibliotecas Municipais de Lisboa, 5D_creativeHub
With the support of  Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Marvila     25 SEPT – 13 DEC |    more info here

•FICA-Oficina creativa

•• Intensive monthly workshop

Workshops are about Serigraphy, Risograph, Wooden work and more
All material included, different prices, Booking is mandatory, better in advance

activities calendar here


One time workshop to get a briefly introduction to some activities you can then do monthly at the atelier.

Alcantara      11-15 SEpt |       More info here


Timeout Academia

•Taste of Portugal: Pastéis de Nata

Discover the story of the most typical sweet of Portugal: learn how to get the amazing crusty pastry or the delicious burned top. Duration 2h00 – Price €25
Includes workshop and tasting

Cais DO sodre      1 sep – 30 SEP | EACH SAT | 11H00 -13H00      more info and tickets here


Events Coming in September

Anjos70 Art & Fleamarket / 6 e 7 Outubro

Lisboa – Un Dia No Mercado Time Out Market Babies and Kids

•Kids Market outono-inverno 2018

Abertura dos Atelier dos Artistas