Lisbon is getting more and more busy since people are back from holidays and kids are back to school.
Here my usual selection of events that I find interesting or peculiar, for kids but also for adults, that so much deserve some “you” moments from time to time.
The selection is divided into categories and all events have links to buy tickets or get more info: since last week we have a very new Good causes category and also a preview of the coming events for the ones that prefer to think ahead in time.

Museum, Exhibitions, and Atelier for babies and kids

•Um Tigre-Lírio é Difícil de Encontrar at Lu.Ca

The Luis Camoes Theater it’s a very new theater entirely dedicated to kids and young people. This weekend the season start with a piece called A Tiger Lily is difficult to find by Alex Cassal.
Age> +6 years old
Price > €6,00  Adultos €3,00 kids

ajuda     15-30 sept | sat and SUN | 16H30-17H30    more info here

•Plantas do Futuro?

Can we speculate for the future in light of scientific research in the face of global change? How to recognize them in the Botanical Garden of Lisbon? Activity is included in the Noite dos recercadores program

Age> +8 years old
Max> 25 people
Price > Free upon registration
Sessions> 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 15:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Information and registration: Contact Us | 213 921 808

Pricipe rEal     14 sept | FRI | 11H00 and 15H00    more info here

•Museum tour by Bicicleta I European Mobility Week

A cultural proposal that invites Lisbon’s resident of every age to get to know three museums in the city, going from one to another by bike. Starting from Museu Bordalo Pinheiro, with a stop Museu da Marioneta e arriving at Museu do Fado. Museums can be visited for free and a workshop will take place in each of them with a possibility to leave an offer.
The initiative is part of European Mobility Week.
Age> +4 years old
Máx > 40 participants
Mandatory reservation at

Mandragoa     16 sept | Sun | 09H30-12H30    more info here

•Little Asmodeo at Museo da Marioneta

On this unique journey through the world, Asmodeo finds himself embroiled in various confused encounters: a cow, a priest, a teacher, a flock of sheep, a group of children, a baker … To each one Asmodeus repeats what he has been taught by his father: “I can offer you whatever you want in exchange for your soul.”

Age group > kids + 6 years
Fee> €3,5 kids – 5 € adult
Duration> 50 minutes

Booking    tlf. 213 942 810
Mandragoa     13-14 sept | thu- Fri | 21H30    more info here


There are boxes of different sizes for one to one stack, stuff to save, and in the end, one to one dock. Promoting the development of verbal and corporal language, stimulating interest in musical expression, imagination and creativity are some of the goals of First Steps, drama workshops for babies that take place both at the weekend and during the week. The theatrical component combines the diversity of stimuli and the challenge to participation. This session is dedicated to the manual arts and physical dexterity.

Com Magda Moreira
Age 1 til 3 yearsd old, with adults
Min Max mín. 10, máx. 20
Price| €4,00/every participants |

Reserve your spot before September 17th

alcantara    25 sept | SUN | 11H30-12H00    more info here

•Timeout Academia for kids

••Masterkids Cozinha Italiana – A Pizza

A classic of Italian cuisine and one of the most beloved workshops for the little ones, the pizzas are back at Time Out Academy. Let your mini-chefs experience the sensation of making homemade pizzas of thin batter with a sauce delicious tomatoes and hand-picked toppings, from pasta to oven. Put your hand in the dough.
Includes workshop and tasting, Estimated duration 90 min.

Price 25€ 1 kid and one parent. each extra kid 10€ each adult extra 15€.

Cais Sodre     15 sEP | SAT|  11H00  More info here

•Desfile de Elétricos | European Mobility Week

On September 16, take a look at the iconic tram lines 283, 444, 330, 508, 535 and 802. Join the Electric Parade, an initiative of the Carris Museum held during the European Mobility Week 2018. The electricos, that leave from the Station of Santo Amaro, go to the Praça da Figueira and return to the origin: there are two trips, starting at 11am and 4pm.
The spots on the Electricos are sold out but you can see them around town. Check the stops in the website (click on More info here)

Santo amaro-praça figueira     16 sEP | SUN |  11H00 and 16H00  More info here

•Kids friendly Sofa concert with a view

Imagine enjoy some apéritifs (White Wine, Rosé, Apérol Spritz, Beer or Soft drinks) and light snacks, while you can have a chat with other guests and the kids can play in the pátio all this with a view over the Tejo. Around 18H00, an intimate acoustic sofa session will begin with a programme of lusophonic music in beautiful arrangements (duo with violin/voice and double Bass ( or Trio B-Mesmo ( Kids of any age are highly welcome!

Only adults pay and are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

Price> 25€ including snacks and drinks

Estrela   13 SEP-27 SEP |  17H30  More info here

•Concert for babies at Oceanario de Lisboa

Played against the dreamlike fantasy setting provided by the main aquarium, music will awaken the senses, evoke feelings of love and stimulate your child’s intellect and imagination.
Age group Babies and children up to 3 years of age
Fee €35/baby and two adults (includes free access to the permanent exhibition after the concert)
Note Previous reservation is required

Parc das Naçoes     Every SAT | 9H00  More info here

•Oficinas Criativas MAAT

mín. 5, máx. 15 participants
> 8 anos
Price: 7€ / 50% for second child

25 AUG-29 DEC | EVERY SAT | 15h30 (60min.)       more info here

mín. 5, máx. 15 participants
> 6 anos
Price: 7€ / 50% for second child

26 AUG-30 DEC | EVERY SUN | 15h30 (60min.)      more info here

Family-friendly cafes and bookshops

•Aldeia – Crescer en Familia

••A Fadinha Esverdeada

A Fadinha Esverdeada is a theatrical piece for babies, full of interactive moments and especially music.
Show insipired by “Chapeuzinho Amarelo” de Chico Buarque.

Age group > Babies and children from 3 months to 3 years
Fee> €10/baby and one adults – 2 € each adult or kid extra (brother/mother or father)
Duration> 45 minutes
Reservations and payment must be made in advance

Graça     15 SEPT | SAT | 16H30-17H00     more info here

••Atelier Suja, Pinta, Brinca

Painting and get dirty has never been so much fun! Why? Because they are going to play in the company of Marias Catrapumbas. While listening to fun and inspiring songs, babies are invited to paint and play with our homemade edible inks.
Dress with old clothes and bring a change of them.
Age group > Babies and children from 6 months to 4 years
Fee> €10/baby and one adults – 2 € each adult or kid extra (brother/mother or father)
Duration> 30 minutes
Reservations and info at

Graça     16 SEPT | SUN | 10H00- 13H00     more info here

•Brunch + hora do conto

On Sunday there is Brunch and storytelling at Aldeia! The cafe will be open as usual if you just want to go for the reading.

Age group > Babies and children from 6 months to 4 years
Fee> €13/just brunch – 4 € just story – 15€ both brunch and story
Reservations and info at

Graça     16 SEPT | SUN | 10H30- 13H00     more info here

••Playgroup 12-36 months:

Babies and kids can participate with parents or be left with educators while parents can enjoy the cafe, working or having a cup of coffee or a good sandwich

EVERY wed | 10H30 – 12H30 more info here

••Sensory Atelier

Thu | 16H15 – 17H00 from 6 Months til 4 years more info here

••Baby Yoga

Thu | 10H15 AND 11H00 from 2 Months til 2 years in two different age groups       more info here

Dança Oriental Intuitiva
Body Development
Aula Hatha Yoga
Aulas de Yoga para Grávidas

•Baobà Livraria

Três Oceanos de Histórias
c/ a contadora Ana Sofia Paiva
How much of the Earth is Water? What stories tell us the oceans that bind and unite us as brothers? Who can travel across the Atlantic? Who dares listen to the Indian and the truth of his mildness? And the great Pacific, the largest and the deepest, who knows how to embrace? What mysteries hold the heart of the sea?
Age Everybody is welcome
Price 3€ (1 criança + 1 adulto) | com inscrição
Must reserve your spot at

Campo de Ourique      15 SET | SÁB | 11H00     more info here

Coming soon @ Baobà

••Heure du Conte avec l’Institut Français du Portugal (FR)

••Itália, estrelas e rock’n’roll de papel c/ Giulia Atzori  (IT)

•Oficina Pétala c/ Yara Kono at It’s a Book

Come and feel the breeze and discover the paths that Yara Kono has explored to illustrate the Botanical Garden VII. And between papers, petals, scissors and leaves in whirlpool, let’s create a small and colorful herbal.

Age group Children and Adults from 6 years of age
Max 8 participants
Fee €10/kids until 12 years    15€ / adult
Note Previous reservation is required at

Intendente      15 SET | SÁB | 15H30-17H00     more info here

Concerts and Festivals

•Colorindos in Almada

Looking for a radical experience in Lisbon?  The Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques park will be the scene of these fantastic adventures: Mountaineering Tower and the Biggest Slide in Europe! (150 m)

Join #ColorindoLisboa where we will challenge the participants for a breathtaking adventure and can even draw in ink a message of love for your favorite city. #Lisbon

Almada     15-30 SET  | 09H00     more info here

•Lisboa na Rua

A cultural Festival that will take place in the streets of Lisbon, with music, theater,  movies, dance and much more. The festival will last for a month and will enlight the street of Lisbon

Around Lisbon     23 AUG-30 SEPT     more info here          Time out best 25 selection

My personal selection

•• Dançar na Rua

Danças Africanas

The kizomba, the funaná and other African dances have long conquered the Portuguese dance floors. Avelino Chantre and Stella Capapelo give the tactic, to the sound of the percussions of Kabum and Master Captain.

Free entrance

Benfica      16 SEP | SUN | 18H     MOre info here

•• Chapeus na rua

A buskers festival that will take place in different areas of Lisbon and in different times

10 SEPT | 15 SEPT     more info here

•• Antiprincesas

The evocation of important female role model such Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector or  Bolivian military of Indios origin Juana Azurduy. The show will take place at Parque José Gomes Ferreira

Alvalade     15 SEP – 23 SEP | sAT AND SUN | 11H00 and 16H00      more info here

•Portugal Spirit Festival

Inspired by the annual BaliSpirit Festival, one of the world’s most re-known yoga festivals, the Portugal Spirit Festival aims to celebrate Portugal’s art and culture. For the spiritually-inclined and those interested in holistic health, the Portugal Spirit Festival is an international gathering of yoga, dance, music and healing. The festival will be held at Casa de Santa Maria.

Cascais     14-16 SET     more info here

•Brunch Electronik

Brunch Electronik – In The Park is back from July 29 to September 16, at Lagoa Branca in Tapada da Ajuda.
Kids from 3 years old are allowed inside the festival and there is a special area dedicated to them

AJuda     16 SEP | SUN | 14H to 22H     more info here

•OutJazz Festival

This OutJazz festival takes place in different gardens of Lisbon: after Belem, Parque Eduardo VII and Jardim da Estrela, for the month of September is taking place at Jardim do Campo Grande.
Chill live music and DJ set.
Picture from the last month event at Jardim da Estrela.

CAMPO GRANDE    16 SEPT | SUN | 17H and 22H     more info here

•Jazz nos 70 Anos do Hot Clube de Portugal

This month Lisbon celebrate Jazz nos 70 Anos do Hot Clube de Portugal with concerts every saturday in different parks of the city. This week ORQUESTRA DE JAZZ DO HOT CLUBE DE PORTUGAL – A Música de Duke Ellington will perform at Parque Recreativo dos Moinhos de Santana

Free entrance

 Ajuda      15 SEP | 19H00     more info here

Good Causes

•16° European Mobility Week

This is the week we will all join together to improve the environment of our city. Participate actively using public transport or move around in a more environmentally friendly way by walking and using your bike or vehicles with shared mobility. During this week, also takes the opportunity to participate in many initiatives that the City of Lisbon created to make our most exciting, sustainable and better quality of life.

The culmination of this special week will arrive September 22, when it will mark the European Day Without Cars, with an Open Day on sustainable mobility that will integrate a conference, two talks and a moment of experimentation of electric vehicles.

A lot of activities and event are planned for the week: bike Training Courses, Night bicycle tour of Alfama, Bicla fest on Sunday at Terreiro do Paço and much more.

different locations   16-20 SEP |     more info here

Markets and Fairs

•ECO Cascais

Sustainability event, free entry, which will feature an eco-market, workshops, lectures, round tables and many other activities!
1st edition – September 15 and 16, 2018

Complete Programming available here

CAscais I    15-16 SEP | 11H00-19H00     more info here

•Surf Out

Surf Out Portugal guarantees, for two days, an immersive experience in surfing, out of water. The event, which was conceived and organized by the brothers Patrick and Salvador Stilwell, aims to be a platform for dialogue for the surfing sector and the place to create a deeper relationship between the brands and their audience. There will be a series of products and services related to surfing and a series of conversations about the current and future of the sector.
Surf Out Portugal has the support of Turismo de Cascais, C. Santos VP, The Oitavos Hotel and Partners. It also has the institutional support of the Portuguese Surf Federation and the National Surfers Association. MEO Beachcam, Fuel TV, ONFIRE Surf and Surftotal also join the project as media partners.

For more information about the event, interested parties can contact the following email:

ESTORIL      15-16 SEPT      more info here

•LX clothes and Rural Market

Clothes (both used and new), accessories and organic veggie market at LX Factory held in the street of the refurbished factory. We suggest a stop at the amazing bookshop Ler Devagar, brunch at Wish Coffee House and a sneak peek in their little design shop, a visit to the Arlequim woman on the top of Rio Marvilha restaurant.

ALCANTARA       16 SEP | SUN | 11.30H and 16H     more info here

Open Air Movies

•NOS cinema ao ar livre @ Eleven

A cool open-air cinema with a night view on the city: Eleven hosts the Nos Cinema ao air livre, that opens its doors at 19H30 for cocktails and then movie starts at 21H30. This coming week screening Bridget Jones’s Baby. Coming movies: It, Baywatch.
Price> 12€ including a drink, popcorns and use of blankets.

Marques Pombal      12 SEP | THU | 19H30 Cocktail 21H00 Film     MORE INFO HERE

•Topo Chiado Cinesociety

Outdoor screening of some of the best movie of all time with an amazing view over Lisbon: from Dirty Dancing to  Call me by your name from Luca Guadagnino (IT), the latest Lady Bird or THE DARJEELING LIMITED. The same event with different movies is happening also in Cascais.

CHIADO or cascais   21H00     more info on date and TIMe here

•Cinema na Praia Cascais 

Until the 17th there are daily sessions! In the program of Cascais European Youth Capital 2018, at Ribeira Beach, in the Bay of Cascais, will take place the Cinema na Praia initiative for the first time. On display are award-winning films from the latest years. If you get hungry there will be some trucks of street food nearby, where to eat.
Day 13 – DUNKIRK
Day 14 – BLADE RUNNER 2049
Day 17 – AVATAR
Free entrance

Cascais    10 SEP – 17 SEP |  21H00      more info here


Workshop for adults

•Hands On Introduction Workshop to Thai Yoga Massage – Lisbon

 Full day, practical workshop to introduce you to this bodywork modality
Thai massage is an ancient healing practice used to release energetic blocks and bring balance to the body and mind. Rooted in yoga and Buddhism, it combines stretching and deep compression, supported by presence and intention. This full day introduction will give you a taste of this technique while exploring giving and receiving this quality of touch.

This workshop will be taught in English with Portuguese translation if needed.

graça     15 SEP | SAT  | 10H00 -18H00      more info here

Coming soon at Heden

Craft Azulejo inspired Jewellery

Intro to Weaving Workshop

Cross Stitch Ceramic Tile | Wall Hanging

•FICA-Oficina creativa

•• Intensive monthly workshop

Workshops are about Serigraphy, Risograph, Wooden work and more
All material included, different prices, Booking is mandatory, better in advance

activities calendar here


One time workshop to get a briefly introduction to some activities you can then do monthly at the atelier.

Alcantara      11-15 SEpt |       More info here


Timeout Academia

•Taste of Portugal: Pastéis de Nata

Discover the story of the most typical sweet of Portugal: learn how to get the amazing crusty pastry or the delicious burned top. Duration 2h00 – Price €25
Includes workshop and tasting

Cais DO sodre      1 sep – 30 SEP | EACH SAT | 11H00 -13H00      more info and tickets here


Events Coming in September

Empowering The Mother’s Journey

•Noite Branca de Lisboa 2018

•Festival Todos Sao Vicente

•indiefrente no CCB Jardim das Oliveiras // Siopa + Miguel Alves

Clorofila pop-up dinner

A festa do voluntariado / Dia STC 2018

Barral Family Day

CONTO AZUL – projeto-oficina de ilustração em cianotipia