Here I am,

after a year I opened this blog, writing again.  After almost two years of being at home with my little boy, he has now started to go to school in the morning and I find myself with some free time.

We are now settled in Portugal, we have a nice apartment, with a great view and an amazing terrace we enjoy very much.

We have new friends, some still live here some others left to pursue their own life choice but we couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that we met them on our way.

Our life in Lisbon is still very new, we are still discovering her hidden gems and her best spots.

On this blog, you will see everything I like about Lisbon and the surroundings, about the great food you can find, about the funniest activity you can enjoy with your in your free time, about the best beaches and of course about my family, my son Elio and my husband Giacomo.

We’ll be still traveling, to Italy or to somewhere more exotic.

So I will also write about packing, traveling and explore the world with a toddler.

Elio is turning two in one week and it’s impressive how different your life is after having a kid and how much I appreciate spending time with him but also allowing myself for some “Me” time sometimes.

I will spend a lot of “Me” time on this blog.

I do this for our family in Italy, for our friends around the globe but also for us ad a family, to have a little diary we can go back in time.

I do it for other families, with the hope that they can take inspiration from our experience in order to make their own adventure more glorious.

I do it because I like to tell stories, to connects people and places.

I need to thank Myriam, a friend of mine here in Portugal, that gave me the energy and the push I need to make this comeback: sometimes we are not ready for our own ideas.

This time I am.

Keep in touch for the next post