Here we are, backpack on the shoulder, ready for new adventures!

After 3 and a half month spent in Lisbon, the longest period spent in the same country in ages by us and his life by our son , we are now going to Italy to celebrate Elio’s birthday and to spend some time with the family.

After that, we’ll start the most intense travel of all times: 3 weeks in Denmark, then London to attend Adele last tour’s concert, Paris to great a couple of friend that are having a baby there. In July we will come back to Italy to go on holidays with parents in Tuscany and with some friend in Isola d’Elba.

We are still thinking if we want to go to a wedding in Vietri sul mare in July, a city that’s the start of Costiera Amalfitana, a place I wanted to visit since a long time.

After a long traveling with a lot of luggage and kg of winter, spring clothes, and Elio’s games, we have decided to downsize our gears to 1-2 big backpack and 2 computer bag: less is more!

Me and Elio greeting the Panteao after 3 months in the neighbourhood

We are experiencing the new set up on a week trip to Modena we have just started today: we’ll let Elio spend some time with his father grandparents enjoying, for the first time, the city center of Modena, and some biking.