I love pancakes, and I love having brunch: I could have brunch and eat pancakes every day.

In Lisbon, there is a special Cafe where you can do that: the name of this amazing place is Nicolau, it’s situated in Baixa in a really calm area (not many tourists goes there),  it serves brunch every day and their pancakes are amazing!

Nicolau has a really chill atmosphere: a lot of green tiles, blush plates and copper lamp.

They have a lot of healthy option like Chia pudding, overnight cook oatmeal, tapiocas and fresh smoothies but probably their bests sellers are pancakes: they have toppings like Nutella, honey, jam, and maple but I think the best choice is the Nicolau pancake, with mascarpone and raspberries.

The brunch is served in different plates and includes yogurt with granola and fresh fruit, avocado or salmon open sandwich, and a pancake, plus a hot drink and orange juice: you can add eggs (benedict or scrambled) or a Mimosa cocktail for a reasonable price. Portions are huge and you will not need to eat for hours: it’s an amazing bargain and it’s even a healthy one!

Please don’t be disappointed by the fact that the pancake it’s only one: it’s huge and very spongy and butterish.


In my case, going there with Elio many times, I’ve discovered few plus feature in this cafe:

  • they just got a new child seat
  • waiters are so nice with children
  • WEEKEND PLUS: if there is a line, always on weekend from 11.00 til 15.00, they give you the chance to skip it as soon as they have a table that fit your group!

  • try to get a table outside but in the shade, as the sun it’s very strong
  • get an iced coffee: it comes with whipped cream and cinnamon and it’s perfect paired with Nicolau pancake

So what are you waiting for? No excuse are left to go out and enjoy a really well-done pancake wellbeing.

They don’t have a website: they have a Facebook page but I think you can get more information from their page on Zomato.