This is Giulia calling!


I’m an Italian woman, mother, graphic designer, tourist guide and curious person that loves to cook improvised recipe, travel locally, take bad pictures, meet new people cooler than me, exploring dusty flea markets and eat very thick pancakes.

I’m an average person that is able to do a bit of everything: with this blog, I want to teach myself to do everything a little bit better.


I like to do all these things especially with a cool husband called Giacomo and our super cute toddler named Elio.

This is the project/blog/journey log I wanted to start since me and my husband started to travel when Elio was 1 month.


In the last 11 months we have been traveling through 4 countries, lived in 4 different major cities (two capitals) took 8 flight, driven 1600 plus 600 km in two different van trip, attended 3 wedding, lived for more than a week in 7 different apartments (plus the vans), experienced a lot of different landscapes, took a lot of different transportation, met a lot of new and known cool people and changed plenty of diapers in a really acrobatic style.


In two weeks we are going to start an even more frequent changing attitude, planning to reach 5 different capitals (København, London, Paris, Lisboa, and Bangkok), take many flight, take a train that pass under the sea, see great concerts (Adele live @Wembley is the biggest and best), participate to even more wedding and meet even more people.

All this before the end of this year 2017.

This blog aims to be a journal of our daily life plus a way to keep our dearest friend informed on where we are and when we plan to go and see them around the globe.

As you can read in the headings, I tried to explain the meaning of the title: it’s a tribute to Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) of Miranda July, an artist, director, actress and performer I personally love and admire.

I’m not a writer but hope you will enjoy reading this as I enjoy writing it.

Namaste, Alè